In-House Service

In-House Service

Are you a business that needs a fair amount of legal support but not enough to justify employing a solicitor in-house? Wish your lawyer was in the office next door so you could pop in and pick their brains or run something past them? Catch them in the kitchen making a cup of coffee? Want to deal with someone who understands your business, the personalities of your management team, the goals you’ve set yourself and the hurdles you face getting there? But not pay for it on an hourly rate basis?

We act for lots of clients like you!

One of the services we offer is a fixed monthly price retainer to act like your in-house solicitor. Pick up the phone as often as you need. Send all the emails you want. Get commercial as well as legal input. The monthly price will be the same.

We operate this arrangement with some of our key clients and it works well for them and us. We’re always on your side but with this arrangement we also play on the team.

If you’d like to know more about this service, email David Thompson.

Mobile: 07976 281 638